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default Official SMBC Central Team Rules & Regulations

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Official SMBC Central Team Rules & Regulations


1. Open to all Malaysian registered GTS/VTS 200/Evo 250i owners with a valid driver’s license and aged 18 and above.

2. First time registration fee is RM50.00 plus 1 badge & 1 sticker – RM15.00 includes T-Shirt for RM35.00. for a total of RM100.00

3. For members that register during the 2nd half (starting from July till December) of the year, the registration fees will be half; RM25.00.

4. Membership Fees is RM50.00 (annually renewable); must be paid before 1st of February of the year in renewal. If not paid; membership is considered expired and the member loses all membership privileges.

5. A member that fails to renew his/her membership after expiry (1st February) will have pay RM100.00 to if he/she wished to rejoin the club.

6. Sticker & Badge is priced at RM15.00.

7. T-shirt is priced RM35.00.

8. All application for membership is subject to approval by the committee and can be rejected without any valid reason.

9. The Committee reserves the right to invoke the membership of any member arising from the following:
i. Failure to obey rules of the club.
ii. Failure to pay the annual fees.
iii. Exhibit disciplinary issues during rides and off-rides.

10. Members from other clubs whom wish to join the SMBC Central Team are welcomed for membership subject to the rules above. These members however cannot be appointed to hold posts in the SMBC Central Team if they are currently holding any official posts eg. President/Secretary/Official Committee Member of other motorbike clubs. These members are required to declare their posts & memberships of other clubs when appointed by those clubs if the event occurs after joining SMBC Central Team.

Official Website/Facebook Page

11. The official club website is

12. The official facebook page is

Club Meetings/Activities/Announcements

13. There will be a prior announcement of the club meetings atleast a week (5 working days) in advance made on the official club website/facebook page.

14. All members should attend all club meetings to get the latest updates on the club as well as the latest planned activities.

15. It is up to the members and their own initiatives to check the updates on these pages (website/facebook page) for meetings/activities/announcements regularly. In the event any member needs more information; they should contact the committee members directly.

Convoy Rules

16. All Official Convoy Rides will be announced via Website/Facebook and discussed during official meetings.

17. Official convoy meeting point and time will be announced during club meeting/posted on Website/Facebook SMBC Central Team.

18. It is a duty of the late coming member to contact the Committee Members/Marshall if they are going to be late atleast 5 to 15 minutes before the official convoy time. The club cannot be held responsible if the convoy leaves without the participating member/rider.

19. For all convoys; there will be a leeway of 15 minutes for late coming members subject to consideration of the Chief Marshall.

20. It is the responsibility of the members to make sure their bikes are properly serviced/checked/repaired and fueled before any convoy.

21. It is also the responsibility of the member to check their bikes during any stop for fuel/tyre pressure/condition of the bike. In the event of problems, they should inform the Marshalls promptly.

22. All participants must obey any of the Official Club Marshall during all the official club rides.

23. Attire during Official Ride, all participants and accompanying rear passengers must wear proper safety attire which includes:
i. Proper Helmet.
ii. Safety Riding Jacket with adequate protection eg. padding/elbow/shoulder guard.
iii. Riding pants OR Knee Guard with proper long pants during rides.
iv. Riding gloves.
v. Suitable shoes (any kind of slippers/sandals/crocs not allowed).

The Marshall/Committee Member has the right to reject any participant/rider who is not properly/suitably attired without proper reason.
A member is free to use any other colour besides the fluorescent green (reserved specifically for Marshall/Crew/Medic).

24. Hand signals (will be advised during convoy/briefing by Marshall).

25. All form of sirens are not allowed to be switched ON or USED by any member except by those who are only Marshalls/Crews on duty during the official convoy ride organised by the SMBC Central Team.

26. Each member whom has been found to commit any convoy violations will be subject to 3 verbal warnings by the Chief Marshall for the same mistake committed. After the 4th subsequent violation, the participant will be advised to turn back as he/she is not allowed to follow the convoy anymore and the convoy fees will not be refunded.

27. A member who chooses to pull out from any convoy after payment completed for the convoy was made will not have his/her convoy fees refunded.


28. Official Club Marshall is solely appointed by the SMBC Central Team Committee after due consideration and evaluation.

29. The Committee reserves the sole right to appoint/terminate any Marshall.

30. The reserved official colour for Marshall is fluorescent green and no ordinary member (except Crew/Medic) is allowed to use the colour during any official ride.

31. The Marshall must follow the instructions/guidelines of the Chief Marshall during convoy and must observe all forms of road rules and regulations.

32. The Chief Marshall can suspend any Marshall that has been found to violate any instructions or commit road violations/misbehavior. Each Marshall will be subject to 3 verbal warnings by the Chief Marshall for the any mistake committed. After the 4th subsequent violation, the Marshall will be suspended subject to decision by Chief Marshall. The Committee will then decide for any subsequent actions for the Marshall in question after the convoy if required (after review in committee meeting).

33. The Marshall MUST consult the Chief Marshall before issuing any verbal warning to any convoy participant.

34. An appointed Marshall is required to attend Marshall Training (organized by PDRM or any certified professional body) within one year from the date of appointment. He/She is also required to show the original certificate and furnish a copy of the course completion certificate to the SMBC Central Team Committee before he/she is allowed to use/display the Marshall sticker with the club's name. The Marshall sticker will be provided by the SMBC Central Team to the Marshall appointed after certification.


35. Official Club Crew is appointed by the Committee.

36. The Committee reserves the right to appoint/terminate any Crew.

37. The reserved official colour for Crew is fluorescent green and no ordinary member (except Marshall/Medic) is allowed to use the the colour during any official ride.

38. A crew must also be able to function as a Marshall during any official convoy ride when not performing any Crew duties.


39. Official Club Medic is appointed by the Committee.

40. The Committee reserves the right to appoint/terminate any Medic.

41. The reserved official colour for Medic is fluorescent green and no ordinary member (except Marshall/Crew) is allowed to use the the colour during any official ride.

42. A Medic must be positioned at the tail end of the convoy before the Sweeper/Tail Marshall.


43. An AGM will be called every year.

44. The elections to appoint the Committee will be held every 2 years during the AGM.

45. The official meeting minutes is to be presented by the Committee for approval during the AGM as well the financial details/status of the club.


46. The Committee is made up of the Team Leader & Deputy Team Leader.

47. The Committee reserves the right to change/modify any of the above mentioned club rules subject to majority vote by the Committee.


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