Exaust muffler metallic sounds

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default Exaust muffler metallic sounds

Post  spartacus on Tue 05 Mar 2013, 4:08 am

Dear Sym riders, I am now at the dilemma what is the strange vibration sound coming out from my sym 250I evo symphony , seems to be another brake down inside the muffler, may be the catalysers pack .
Not sure but is very irritating and I think this is a bit too much for a scooter of only 24.000 km of shelflife .
I had other few of my club buddy who has such problem and or similar problem in the muffler, it is indeed very irritating , may be I will go to the service centre to check it out , if the advise is to substitute or change the muffler , I will have to change the scooter , this is really not tollerated.
hope you may have some better luck , indeed for a scooter of such price , to have a recurring probklem on quality is not aceptable at all.

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