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Post  spartacus on Thu 28 Jun 2012, 4:17 am

Dear All SYM member or rider,

just to share some news , PEUGEOT has since 2005 in the european market a sccoter that is 125 CC 4T and is supercharged and intercooled, just browse on PEUGEOT satelis 125 compressor, picture and details will appear for you to amire and contemplate. Just guess the 125 is only able to make 122Km top speed, that is a limitation given from Autorities since there it can be riden by law from a 16 year old boy , it has an amazing 20 horse power , well I am hoping that SYM one day develope a moder like 250 0r a 500 with this technique , the supercharger combined to the CVT , the scooter will be unbeatable and of extremely low consumtion of fuel, so let get together and try to advise the SYM HQ on it.

may be one day we will be riding a such scooter on the road.



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