gts 250I supercharged!!!

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default gts 250I supercharged!!!

Post  spartacus on Thu 21 Jun 2012, 7:03 am

Hi friends symmer ,

well here in UTM we are doing some studies on deverlopment of a better efficency , as usual there is some concern on reliability for now.

the main good news is that the model of SYM 250I can be supercharged with a minimal modification , the thing we have some fear is due to supercharging the max RPM may be going over the limit and that will may be making the engine blow up .

we tested in the dyno with out and with supercharger , well surprise surprise , pick up improved of quite a lot , but the top speed is the most , 200 km/h , my concern is hot to stop then?

may be a brake system upgrade is required.

Well on the next TT of JB team I may disclose some interesting details , if any of you have some interest , we may can begin the transformation.



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